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For 100 years, Rexnord has provided solutions for couplings. Customers receive the benefits of our experience through a broad line of couplings that are manufactured for quality, reliability and easy maintenance. Complemented by a team of sales and service spets, Rexnord delivers the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Choose from many brands, like Falk, Steelflex, Thomas and Addax. For any coupling application, Rexnord is your critical link.





Disc Couplings

Material-flexing couplings with disc elements. Motor, engine and turbine-driven applications.

Falk   Wrapflex   Omega   Viva


Elastomeric Couplings

Non lubricated material-flexing couplings with elastomeric elements. Variety of applications.

Falk Steelflex


Grid Couplings

Mechanical-flexing couplings with T-Grid design. General purpose applications.

Falk True Torque


Fluid Couplings

Fixed-fill fluid couplings. Soft start and torque overload applications.

Falk Lifelign


Gear Couplings

Mechanical-flexing couplings with triple-crowned teeth. High-speed and high-torque applications.




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